We offer a wide variety of classes in the performing arts to cater for those who are interested in pursuing a career and those who just want to improve their confidence, creativity and coordination.

These include;

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Modern theatre dance
  • Contemporary dance
  • Street dance
  • Muscial theatre and singing
  • Drama
  • Individual singing


Preliminary Ballet and Tap

An introductory class for children starting tap and ballet. Each class is 45 minutes and is half ballet and half tap. This class is ideal for developing children’s confidence, coordination and creativity, as well as strengthening major muscle groups and helping with rhythm and musical development.




Ballet grade 1

Ballet grade 1 class for students aged 7+. This class is suitable for children who have studied ballet at preliminary level and for new beginners and will introduce the main steps and syllabus. Great for building good posture and an appreciation of music and movement. Age ranges are a guide only so please ask if you are unsure about levels. This class is a one-hour class.

Ballet grades 2-4

A ballet class for those who have some grounding in the style and technique. This class builds on the steps and vocabulary that students already know and develops their musical presentation and expression along with their ballet technique. Mime for dance is also covered as part of this class and students will also study different national dances as part of the class or for shows. This class is a one-hour class.

Ballet grades 5-8

Ballet class for grades 5 – 8 including barre and centre work. Pointe work is available in these classes. This class is 1.5 hours long.



Tap grade 1

A tap class for those aged 7+ at grade 1 level. This class is suitable for beginners or children who have studied tap at preliminary level too. A wonderful class for working on coordination, rhythm and developing musical skills tool. Age ranges are a guide only so please ask if you are unsure about levels. This class is a one-hour class.

Tap grades 2-4

This is an intermediate tap dance class for students who have some experience of this dance style. Students learn more tap steps and continue to work on their technique, dance performance and understanding of rhythms and musical form. This class uses a range of music from Hollywood to Bollywood and almost everything in between! This class is a one-hour class.

Tap grades 5 – 8

Tap class for grades 5 – 8. Students learn advanced tap steps, rhythms and aspects of performance. This class is a one-hour class.



Theatre dance beginners/intermediate

This is a great introduction to a range of different dance styles that cover jazz, modern, some street dance basics and musical theatre styles. Students will work on their core strength, flexibility and dance techniques whilst engaging in a range of different styles and different music from across the genres and decades. A fun-filled class that builds confident theatrical performers. This class is a one-hour class.

Theatre dance advanced

Theatre dance class for intermediate and advanced students covering aspects of jazz, modern, and theatre dance. This class involves a range of styles and music and works on performance techniques too. This class is a one-hour class.




Drama class covering aspects of acting and devising individually and in groups. Students can also undertake drama examinations and LAMDA medals, and can work towards play performances throughout the year. This class is a one-hour class.



Contemporary dance

A creative dance class based on the principles of contemporary dance. This class is suitable for older students aged 13 and above and is a good introduction to contemporary dance and a great way to practice this style if undertaking Dance GCSE or Dance BTech exams. This class is a one-hour class.



Street dance beginners/intermediate

This is a street dance class based on lyrical and commercial street dance styles that you see in a lot of pop videos. It introduces the components of strength, flexibility and technique through exercises and builds on these by working on routines. This class uses a variety of modern music, including slow ballads, and uptempo modern dance music. This class is a one-hour class.

Street dance advanced

This is an advanced-level street dance class concentrating on a commercial street style and lyrical/slow street dance styles using a variety of modern pop music. Students will work on developing their core strength, flexibility and street dance vocabulary by undertaking exercises and routines. They will also have opportunities to choreograph their own pieces at times too. This class is a one-hour class.



Musical theatre/singing

This is a fun group class to work on singing and musical theatre techniques to put over a song. The class is suitable for different ages and will incorporate music from film, TV and musical theatre shows in its repertoire. Students are not required to sing solo although there will be opportunities for people to do this if they want to, and to develop confidence and a strong singing technique.
This is currently a 45-minute class.

Individual singing

Individual singing lesson by appointment, This is a half-hour singing lesson working on vocal technique, singing exercises, and a variety of different musical genres. Students can take singing exams in musical theatre if they would like to or just sing for fun. Please contact us for availability.